Mama Money Voted Best Fintech Startup in Southern Africa

Mohamed Adan representing Mama Money at the awards ceremony.

Having recently won Best Fintech Startup in South Africa, Mama Money has now gone on to win the regional finale that covers the entire Southern African region.

There were over 3000 nominations from 12 countries across Africa in the running for the Southern Africa Startup Awards, and only six made it to the category for Best Fintech Startup.

“The fintech category was the toughest one for our judges to decide on a winner. We have a very diverse team of judges who know how expensive it is to send money across Africa, and they were amazed at the work Mama Money is doing to bring down the cost of international transfers for communities that need it most,” said McKevin Ayaba, founder of the Southern Africa Startup Awards.

Mama Money will now go on to compete with the best startups from around the world in the Global Startup Awards to be hosted in China next year.

“Our team is incredibly proud of this award. Our goal at Mama Money has always been to support foreign nationals by making it easier, cheaper and safer for them to support their loved ones back home, and this won’t change.”

“A massive thank you to everyone involved in these awards for supporting Africa’s startup ecosystem, and a special thank you to all Mama’s loyal customers for making us the most trusted way to send more money home,” Said Mathieu Coquillon, co-founder of Mama Money.

Mama’s family is growing fast and there are plenty of opportunities to come join our amazing team!

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International Money Transfers. Making it easier to send #MoreMoneyHome to your loved ones across Africa, Asia & Europe.

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