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At Mama Money, we value our agents and are especially grateful for their commitment to the communities we serve.

2020 was a year of uncertainty which accompanied very difficult times for all of us however we saw our agents persevere through this challenging time. They continued their dedication to help Mama make remittance easy, safe, fast, and affordable for customers. We’re incredibly proud of the team, their achievements and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Please allow us the opportunity to showcase some of our values with inspiring stories from on and off the field.

Start your own business

Mama Money creates a unique agent value proposition, where we assist agents to start and run their own business. By empowering agents with great training experience, a funky android app to manage your business, coupled with a device to help process payments, and the opportunity to be part of the entrepreneurial movement.

Becoming an agent with Mama Money, you join our family. We are all brother and sister, driving the same values and impact in our communities.

Building your own business with Mama Money means you can earn commission to support your family here in South Africa, whilst also sending money home to your loved ones.

Through hard work, commitment and dedication you can further build your business by elevating your status to Super Agents. Super Agents are team managers who support other agents to grow their businesses, whilst boosting their own.

Agent Corona Relief Fund

Mama saw the impact the lockdown had on the agent’s earnings and In the spirit of togetherness, we started the “Agent Corona Relief Fund” to assist our most vulnerable agents

The fund was made up of personal donations from the HQ team and the most vulnerable agents were identified and multiple grant payments of R500 each was made to them. These funds helped with important purchases such as medicine, food, data and provide for the basic needs of their families.


Togetherness meets loyalty with our Agent Loyalty program, the program is designed for our loyal agents who remain committed to Mama Money and the Mama community.

The Mama Money Ubuntu program aims to promote agent loyalty and longevity. As agents stay committed to serving our communities through Mama Money, they earn incentives throughout the year. This helps boost their income, whilst offering amazing rewards like a once in a lifetime all expenses paid holiday to some of the most beautiful places in the country.

Through the Ubuntu Loyalty program agents can earn up to R75,000 in bonuses!

New Agent Start Bonus

Mama Money understands the growing pains of being an agent, that’s where the R500 start bonus comes in.

Lee Ann Lancaster, Chief Growth Officer at Mama Money described the objective of the start bonus as “a way to support all new agents for the first three months of them being an agent, provided they meet certain minimum target requirements in that particular month they will earn a top up bonus over and above their commission.”

Agent Incentives

Mama Money agents are the cornerstone of our community. Our agents help to make the lives of our customers easier. In showing our appreciation for the phenomenal impact our agents make, we run incentives throughout the year where agents can win TV's, cellphones, laptops, microwaves, fridges, learning courses, ability to earn your drivers license through driving lessons and so much more.

Being part of the Mama Money family has its rewards that help make our agents lives better too.

Entrepreneurial training

In 2021 Mama Money will be partnering with a number of providers that provide entrepreneurial training. We are looking forward to further empowering our agents with an international standard of business training that will help elevate your business.

Mama recognizes that our agents are the heart and soul of this business. We say thank you for helping us send more money home.

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